Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our new home - THE KITCHEN!

Hi everyone! People have been asking for pictures of the new house, so as it becomes unpacked, I'll share it room by room!

Here are some pictures of the first room that was unpacked - the kitchen! Believe it or not, this kitchen is about three times the size of the kitchen we had in the condo. My mom came on Saturday and helped me unpack, and my friend Ashley stopped by to help as well (bringing the coolest gift basket - thanks Ashley!).  

I wish I had some before pictures, because it was a hot mess of boxes and stuff.  It took us about 7 hours start to finish, which is ridiculous! It ended up being a logic puzzle of sorts... if this goes here, this will fit here, but then there's place for this. We finally found the perfect solution, and this is our final product!

How much do you love the wood ceiling and skylight??

Sink - eventually we'll replace with a deeper one, because this one is really shallow.

Beautiful tulips that came in our Farm Fresh Delivery box this week as a surprise! I'll do a separate post on FFD, but if you live in Cincinnati, you HAVE to sign up - and not just because I get a discount if you say I referred you!!

Our new solution to not having enough drawer space was to create this cute canister. You can buy one, but we had an extra canister with a top lying around, so we pried off the lid and created this.

A few through the "window" into the dining room.

View from the cabinet side. Yeah, that 70's squash gold radiator is hot.  May get painted over soon... 

The kitchen is pretty great - not too much that we want to do.  The blue color is brighter and more teal in person than it is in the pictures, so we'll probably repaint.  In a perfect world, we'll paint the cabinets (based on instructions from Jenny at one of my new favorite blogs, Anything Pretty), replace the counter tops and get a deeper sink. Nothing urgent - more of a wish list for when we have some extra time and money around (which is likely - oh wait, nope, not at all).

Hope you like it... more rooms coming soon!

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