Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Festivities

We went to Dayton to visit my family for Easter this year. The weather was GORGEOUS, which is why these pictures look more like we're on vacation than hanging out in Dayton!

The Bonistall girls + one Donaldson girl

This year, my mom staged our first ever (don't judge) Easter Egg Hunt. Since there aren't any kids in our family under the age of 20, she bribed us all to play by putting $20 in one of the eggs.  Needless to say, the Easter Egg Hunt idea became significantly more fun (for me at least) when I found the "special egg!"

Don't judge my creepy white sunglasses - I can't find my other (more subtle) ones!!

Lots of good food, fun to spend time with my family.  If you've ever hung out with the Bonistalls, you know that if nothing else, it will be a whole lot of fun. Most of the credit for that goes to my youngest sister, Beth, who is the funniest/most ridiculous/should be locked away person you'll ever meet. In a good way. She, for those of you who don't know her yet, is the tall beautiful one who looks like she's 5 years older than me. 

Hope you had a nice family celebration, or at least had weather like we did!

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