Thursday, April 15, 2010

My friend's husband is a bank robber.

Well sort of. Ok, not really. Here's the story:

My friend Erika's husband (Mark) works at a bank. Last Friday, his bank got robbed by this guy, who also hit up some other banks in the area and a CVS.  She was telling me about it on Saturday, and it was a crazy story.

That night, Zac and I were watching the evening news, and a story came on about the bank robbery.  The following actually occurred:

Me: (As a picture of the bank comes on) "Oh my gosh! That's Erika's husband!"
Zac: (As a picture of the bank robber comes on) "Erika's husband is a bank robber??"

Not quite... but easy to misunderstand! I want to take this moment to officially announce that my friend Erika's husband is NOT a bank robber! And seriously, what kind of idiot robs a bank anymore? Don't all bank robbers get caught??

It was just too good of a story not to share. Maybe you had to be there, but man, it was funny!


  1. Want to know something sad? Only 1:4 bank robberies ends in an arrest. ::insert that "the more you know" song::

  2. Freakin hilarious!!! I still love that story!!!

  3. oh, and by the way....i can now comment on your blog - Erin Savage-Weaver mother of your favorite new nephew Jack :)

  4. It's so funny you say that, because I called Erika to say who the heck robs a bank these days - doesn't everyone get caught? I guess not, and I'd take those 1 in 4 odds to the track. But this guy actually did get caught!


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