Thursday, April 15, 2010

Too much hair

A couple of years ago (almost 3 to be exact) we adopted this little bundle of joy from the Humane Society. Her name is Sophie, and according to the experts at the shelter, wouldn't grow much larger and was a short haired cat. At that time, she weighed 2.6 pounds.

Three years and 10 pounds later, Sophie is GIGANTIC and oh, surprise surprise a long haired cat. 

I really love her, even though she sort of sucks.

Which means her hair is EVERYWHERE. And I do mean everywhere. Like covering my clothes, on your feet from the floor. It's disgusting.

So I bought this bad boy at Petsmart the other day. Turns out I spent about twice as much as I should have, but I could return it if I didn't like it.

This is called the DeFURminator, and I can't find a website for it, so you can learn about it on Amazon here.

I was skeptical, because it cost like $40, but I was also desperate. And it is AMAZING. In a really really gross way. The sheer amount of hair it removes is ridiculous, and I (due to the overall cranky temperament my cat has) can only brush her until she tires of so I didn't even get everything.

But if you are also in love with an animal that sheds,  it will change your life.  It stopped me from threatening to send Soph back to where cats don't have moms, so I'd say it's helping our family...

This is what I pulled off of her the other day. The toothpaste is there for scale. Warning: it's really gross.

Moral of the story - go buy one.


  1. This has made me laugh so hard I have tears in my eyes. Wait... maybe I'm crying because my mancat is walking around with a little black fuzz ball moustache because... he seems to like to eat the black cats hair hunks that seem to stick to my carpet! UGH! And you thought your story was gross!

  2. I have one of those... and it is truly a gift from god. It even pulls gross amounts of fur from my short haired cat!


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