Monday, April 12, 2010

Blast from the past

My favorite uncle has been re-discovering old pictures lately (not sure why?) but he's found a couple that are just begging to be shared. Because they're so awesome!

Swinging with my uncle, probably 1995-ish?

My first Halloween - how's this one for a gem?

My parents. Seriously. This the caption my uncle created: "My sister Gail and my brother-in-law Dave. Gail is 22 in this picture. She went straight from adolescence to middle-age. Fortunately she's gotten much younger in the years since."

My grandmother, holding my mom, with Aunt Ellen, Uncle Tom and Aunt Barb

And the coolest picture EVER:
This is my grandmother and her brother on a trip to Prince Edward Island (which is where my great-grandfather was born). Isn't this amazing??

Aren't those just too cool?? 

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  1. Interesting caption about your mom-ha! and your uncle looks a hint like chris isaak.


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