Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just Put it in my Dropbox

I always am excited to learn about a cool online tool, and I wanted to share a few I've found recently:

Dropbox is the most awesome thing I've found in awhile. It is an online storage tool that lets you access your files from anywhere. You just install the software on your computer, choose which files you want to share, and then voila! You can access them anywhere!

You can access your files online via the dropbox website, or you can download an app for your phone or iPad that lets you view files that way. I use this ALL the time... I'm at a meeting and I need to access a document for work, and I can just quickly pull it up on my phone. Awesome.

If this isn't the coolest thing since sliced bread, I don't know what is. How often have you been meeting someone for something (dinner, coffee, meeting, etc.) and tried to figure out somewhere in the middle? Use this website to make that process a breeze! Pop in both addresses and a keyword for where you want to meet (ie: coffee) and voila - a meeting place!

Note: I was not compensated by either of these companies, I just think they are great online tools that you might want to use, also!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's Hot

After a week of wonderful posting back on schedule, I disappeared again. Sorry. Or maybe you didn't even notice. Sigh.

The reason I haven't been writing is that I really haven't been doing much. It has been so dreadfully hot here for the past two weeks - temps in the 90s every day, with no end in sight. Our little window A/C units certainly help, but when it gets that hot, they just aren't the same as central air.

We've been busy, too, but I can't really figure out with what. I am about halfway through a sweet little quilt for Zac's cousin's soon-to-be-here baby, and it's really turning out wonderfully. I just haven't taken any pictures.

Which leads me to why we haven't taken any pictures. The lens cap of our awesome-way-too-expensive-to-risk-hurting-it camera fell out of my pocket a month or so ago, and we're both paranoid to use it at all without the cap nearby. And both keep forgetting to order a replacement cap from ebay for about a dollar. The heat is zapping our brains, I tell you!

So... I'll be back this week with pictures of our garden that is now taller than me, and hopefully some other stuff, too. Do you ever feel like you spend a ton of time looking for inspiration online and pinning cute pictures, and then you never actually make any of it?? I hate that feeling. Enough pinning. More doing!!!!

I promise not to disappear this time. Pinkie swear, even, and you know what happens if you break a pinkie swear...

Friday, July 15, 2011

Meet Derby!

Our family got a surprising new addition a few weeks ago that I haven't told you about yet... Meet Derby!

A friend of mine's in-law's neighbor (seriously) had a litter of 9 puppies unexpectedly that he needed to find homes for. So... we're suckers, and decided to adopt this little guy!

I should point out that he is not really a little guy anymore - he is growing like a weed! He is a lab mixed with... something! All of the other puppies are black, and most of them look more like golden retrievers, maybe? Derby is definitely very lab-like.

It's tough being a puppy and trying to stay cool!

Don't let this sweet sleeping face fool you! When he's awake, he's a crazy man!

My mom is convinced that he is going to be gigantic, and so she keeps comparing him to Clifford the Big Red Dog.  She even found him a Clifford toy!

He's very sweet, and follows us everywhere. He's done a great job with house training, likes to meet new people, and has fun playing with other dogs. Even though his crazy puppy-ness (ie: biting my feet constantly) is driving he crazy, I think he's a keeper!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


We weren't sad to see the wedding festivities end, because we had an amazing honeymoon to look forward to!! We got up bright and early on Monday morning to head to Mexico!!

We stayed at the Excellence Playa Mujeres in Playa Mujeres, Mexico, which is just outside of Cancun.  It was heaven on earth. There aren't even words to describe how amazing it was!

Everyone was so nice, the food was amazing, room service was fantastic, our balcony was lovely, the pools were fabulous, the ocean was warm, the drinks were delicious  - what more can you ask for?? Shout out to Brittany and Lee, our sweet honeymoon friends from NY!

I'm already trying to figure out how soon we can go back!

Yeah, that's a lazy river. 

Our balcony.  For real.

Still our balcony. That bed is the best napping spot in the whole world.

The private pool on our balcony.

Lit up at night

Room service!

The bus we took to the Mayan Ruins

Mexican crafts co-op

Norma, the sweetest tour guide ever.

Mayan ruins

A crazy fool who ate an entire habanero pepper

The rocking bruise I had all week - and STILL have on my leg three months later!

Heading down into the sinkhole to cool off!

The lobby of the resort

Our fancy last-night dinner!

Making our mark in the sand

A family tradition

Good bye Mexico... we'll miss you!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trash the Dress!!

The day after the wedding, we went back out with our photographer for a Trash the Dress session. The pictures are self-explanatory, so enjoy!!

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