Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's Hot

After a week of wonderful posting back on schedule, I disappeared again. Sorry. Or maybe you didn't even notice. Sigh.

The reason I haven't been writing is that I really haven't been doing much. It has been so dreadfully hot here for the past two weeks - temps in the 90s every day, with no end in sight. Our little window A/C units certainly help, but when it gets that hot, they just aren't the same as central air.

We've been busy, too, but I can't really figure out with what. I am about halfway through a sweet little quilt for Zac's cousin's soon-to-be-here baby, and it's really turning out wonderfully. I just haven't taken any pictures.

Which leads me to why we haven't taken any pictures. The lens cap of our awesome-way-too-expensive-to-risk-hurting-it camera fell out of my pocket a month or so ago, and we're both paranoid to use it at all without the cap nearby. And both keep forgetting to order a replacement cap from ebay for about a dollar. The heat is zapping our brains, I tell you!

So... I'll be back this week with pictures of our garden that is now taller than me, and hopefully some other stuff, too. Do you ever feel like you spend a ton of time looking for inspiration online and pinning cute pictures, and then you never actually make any of it?? I hate that feeling. Enough pinning. More doing!!!!

I promise not to disappear this time. Pinkie swear, even, and you know what happens if you break a pinkie swear...

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  1. First off I noticed that you were gone & I missed you!
    Second I've lost lens caps and if you have a Best Buy near you it'd be cheaper to go there for a replacement and you wouldn't have to pay shipping!
    Third you may want to consider getting something like this, I have one so that if I lose my lens cover (it happens more than I'd like) it protects the main lens:
    I hope you are doing well!


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