About Me

Thanks for visiting my blog!  I am a twenty-something young professional living in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I've been here since May of 2008, and I have fallen in love with this city!

We recently moved to a new house, which I love more each and every day. We're having fun choosing paint colors, building furniture and sewing curtains.

I'm a social worker, and I work for a fantastic non-profit called Leadership Scholars. I spend my days helping inner-city kids in Cincinnati become leaders. Not a bad gig!

One of my students recently told me that I'm a young person with old person hobbies - which is totally true. My first love is quilting, but I've recently branched out to try other sewing projects.  I love anything do-it-yourself.

Zac and I live with our anti-social cat who is cute but hates everyone but us. Our house doesn't have central air, so the no-blowdryer-casual-beach hair will be here until it's cooler outside! I had 10 minutes of fame as an MTV reporter a few years ago and my Gramma and I have all the same interests.

I'd love to get to know you - tell me a little bit about yourself!

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