Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Back from my hiatus

I'm back - sorry I was gone for so long! The RAPP retreat was awesome! Very exhausted when I got home, but a really great time. Then Matt and Mandy came to visit on Sunday night for dinner, which was lovely as always!

Not too much to report here... still drooling every day over quilting projects I want to take on, and zero time to do so.  This weekend is half spoken for as well; Mandy and I are going to work Oaks/Derby again in hopes of making mad cash. And because we'll get to see Katie which is even better! Sunday at least, after I recover from my no sleep week, I should be able to get some work done. And I need to, or else my Mother's Day ideas are going to go out the window!

This is cool though - check out what popped out yesterday on the vine growing in our backyard:

Sorry the light is so bright - took the pictures in the dark.

Look at all the buds! Buds mean more flowers!

The best way to describe them is to call them indigo - they are such a deep, deep purple. Anyone know what they are?

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  1. It's a clematis! And a gorgeous one at that!!



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