Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My backyard

I feel like I owe you some legitimate pictures of our house, since I've been so incredibly slow at posting the new house. So... here's a tour of our backyard!

Walking out the side door, toward the patio. Love the vines growing on not-my-house!

More "Guess what's growing in my backyard!" This has looked like it's about to pop hot pink flowers for at least two weeks, but so far, no flowers.

Do you just L-O-V-E the pergola??

And our AMAZING new patio furniture? Got it from Home Depot and used EBATES to get $19 back. And it's really comfortable and has a fire pit in the middle!

Any idea what this vine is? It doesn't have purple flowers and the leaves are different from the other one.

The clematis EXPLODED last night - yay!

What you can see when you're sitting under the pergola.

This is the perfect backyard for us - really low maintenance (as in, no lawn mowing) but it has a ton of personality. We're looking forward to many many nights of sitting outside with drinks and a fire, just enjoying life.  

But... it's also a work in progress (isn't everything??). We haven't done anything outside yet, and some of the bushes are just plain out of control. So, consider these your before pictures, and someday, when we figure out how to do all the things we need to do, we'll post after pictures!


  1. Tara, your backyard and patio area is beautiful. I love it!

  2. The bush with the possibly hot pink flowers looks like a peony bush (my grandmother had one in front of her house, ahh memories). Beautiful blooms, but the downside to peony bushes is that ants love them. And I mean LOVE them.

    The vines on the pergola (which I absolutely adore) look like wisteria, but I'm not sure.

    And now I'm wondering where I got all of this knowledge on plants, because I know the answers to the questions you ask, but I don't know why.

    I LOVE the table set you have as well :) Miss you down here in Lexington. Working on stuff regarding motherhood isn't the same without your awesomely whispered commentary.

  3. That's a GREAT backyard! I concur about the peonies. The vine might be a trumpet vine, which would be very nice for you.

  4. Did the peonies bloom? I'm totally jealous. Peonies are a plant I cannot get to grow in our yard.

  5. The vine may be a trumpet vine rather than wisteria- It can take many years to bloom, however when it does the flowers are red, trumpet shaped and attract hummingbirds:) The ants actually open up the peony blooms. I love your backyard! I am Dreaming of spring this evening- planning to order some heirloom seeds for our rooftop garden- which I need to post pics of soon!


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