Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sneak preview of the Living Room - because I need your advice!

Ok - you're getting a sneak preview of the living room way before I was ready to post pictures.... because I need your advice!

We ordered this rug from Overstock (my very favorite website ever, as you know) and it got here yesterday:

We got the rectangle one, not the round one.

It's pretty... the colors aren't my very favorite ever in person (they're actually a little prettier in the picture) but I like it, and it's here in my living room and I have no idea what other rug we would put there so I think it's ok.

Here's my question - is the orientation below weird? I feel like it should be "horizontal" in the room instead of vertical, but it seems to fit a little better this way. What do you think - should we keep searching for a new one, or does it look ok? (Note: please ignore the clock still in its packaging and the various lamps / wall art that obviously haven't found a home yet - it's only been two weeks!)

                            See what I mean? Should it go the other way (more horizontal, like the couch)?


I'm not sure these are great pictures... but what do you think?


  1. I love the new rug!!! I would run it the other direction and not let it disappear under the sofa (unless it's big enough to rest completely on it). I'd also find a new home for the coffee table and replace it with a round ottman or table. I'm loving your new place! Can't wait to see it!

  2. since Kim suggested it too, now I don't feel bad for saying...
    i think you should get a round coffee table...and much bigger lamps :o)

    i also think it's okay to have furniture half on/half off a rug. without seeing if there is any furniture in the spot of the photographer (console table, tv stand, etc), I like the orientation how it is.


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