Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Living room reveal... well, almost!

So, of course, painting the living room took WAY longer than we initially anticipated! We (Zac) painted the ceiling. We went with standard ceiling white, and I'm really glad we did.  First, it was way worth the painting effort. At first, we couldn't really tell a difference but after everything dried, the ceiling paint looked great. The lighter color looks nice, and it just looks... clean. Nice and fresh!

So... still no curtains and nothing hanging on the walls, but you can at least get a preview:

Here's the 411 - I'm not thrilled with it. The color on the fireplace isn't as dark a brown as I think I'd like.  Also, I love the bottom half of the fireplace, but I don't love the top part, which is why we painted the top brick parts the same color as the walls. 

Still lots to do, and not sure exactly what that will be, but at least we're making progress??

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  1. I love the layout and the color of the walls. I agree that the fireplace probably needs to be darker. I think a closer color to the color of the coffee/side tables would be cute. But even if you change nothing, I think it's looking great.


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