Thursday, April 1, 2010

My affair with Value City Furniture

The title of this post should actually read "My love hate love ok-with affair with Value City Furniture."

I bought this couch from VCF with my college graduation money.  It was great in our house in Lexington, but when we moved to Cincinnati, we didn't have enough room for it in the condo, so we sold it.  When we bought our new house, the couch went on serious sale, and we thought it would be a great idea to buy it again for the new house.  Admittedly, sort of weird.

We were supposed to pick it up in the morning that we moved, and stick it in the truck with the rest of our stuff. Three days before, VCF called and told me that the couch wouldn't be available on Friday because it was back-ordered until mid-May.  I'm sorry - what?!?

After my initial shock gave way to blinding rage, I tweeted about my current feelings and my unhappiness with VCF.  Within 10 minutes, someone from their corporate office saw my tweet and sent me a message asking what they could to help.  Nice!

The corporate customer service people were really helpful, and long story short, we got to choose a new couch that cost more and got it delivered for free, all without paying any more money.  Not a bad deal!

Moral of the story - the corporate customer service people at Value City Furniture are AWESOME.  The staff at the Covington store are not so awesome, and while I would definitely shop at VCF again, I probably won't go to the NKY store again. 

So... here is a picture of the new couch, which, coincidentally, gives you a sneak preview of the living room!

Couch color is great, but doesn't go well with the walls, so they'll be repainted at some point....

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  1. Moral of the story - the corporate customer service people at Value City Furniture are AWESOME. The staff at the Covington store are not so ...


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