Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cincinnati Scurry, Part I

Friday was the first Cincinnati Scurry, a sort of "Amazing Race" competition around Cincinnati to benefit the Marvin Lewis Foundation.

Leadership Scholars had a team, and we ROCKED OUT. Sort of. Let me explain....

We started in Mt. Adams, where we had to count the number of steps at Holy Cross Imaculata, run through the streets yelling "Woo-Dey!" to find out which bar would serve us and match props to past plays at Playhouse in the Park.

Then we waited 35 minutes for the limo that would take us to our next stop. This part is key to the end of the story.

We met some super cool friends from Shick Sales (including someone who is going to get me the hook-up at JoAnn Fabrics - yay!) and headed to the zoo, schooled some UC women's basketball players at one-on-one ("schooled" may not be totally accurate here, but it's close) and played flip cup at the Delta Tau Delta house.

This was my moment of greatness, as I downed my beer and flipped the cup over, first try. Without even thinking, the following words came out of my mouth: "Yeah, I was in a sorority in college (hair flip)." Shudder. The Delts totally thought I was cool.

Here's the first group shot I got of our team outside the Delt house:

Me, Greg, Nate and Tracy

We took a HOT PINK limo from UC to Fountain Square (through OTR, which is the most awesome place to ride in a hot pink limo ever) and then hiked on foot to Paul Brown Stadium. Where this happened:

Yeah, that's me.

Someone had to put on the uniform!

I couldn't bend over once I had the shoulder pads on!

Then we headed out to the field, to do THIS:

That is ME, kicking a field goal in Bengals stadium. 

So cool!

And then... my camera died, so I'll have to wait to post more pics until the official pictures are up. But a quick preview... we did some cool stuff at Great American Ball Park, roller skated at Sawyer Point, crossed the Purple People Bridge, rocked out at the Haufbrauhaus, danced at the Aquarium, sang at the Southgate House, ate cheese coneys and tried on a wedding dress (well, I didn't. You'll see).

It was SO much fun - thanks to Tier One and the Marvin Lewis Community Fund for putting on such a great event!

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