Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another decorating dilemma....

We've got some paint colors picked out (kind of) and I need some advice about the ceilings. I feel like if we're painting, we may as well re-paint the ceilings because they look like they kind of need it.

So... in the living room (with the red couch and rug, see below) we're planning on going with "Hot Chocolate."

Hot Chocolate will sound familiar because yes, this is the third living room I'm going to paint this color. But it's a GREAT color and it just feels so comfy! Here it is in our last living room:

So what color goes on the ceiling? White is too much... maybe white tinted with the hot chocolate color so it blends? Or no? Need your help!

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  1. Oh the dilemmas of a decorating girly! Here are my thoughts on painted ceilings:

    White ceilings are very stark but do add height to a room. I personally like them painted something other than white.

    My walls in my living and dining rooms are a pretty green so I painted the ceilings a beautiful butter yellow (the same color as the other walls in my house). It's very pretty.

    One of my bedrooms has the ceiling painted one shade lighter than the walls. It's dramatic and cozy.

    I'm planning to paint my bedroom something similar to your hot chocolate and to do a silvery blue on the ceiling and hang matching silvery blue curtains.

    It's really up to you! If you decide to use color and are a little afraid, just choose a color that is one or two shades lighter than the color you are using on your wall. I'm sure you will love it!


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