Thursday, April 1, 2010

An update on the Soph...

Nothing like posting one blog post right after the other to make up for a week of not blogging!

Side note: I can't believe this is my first post about my cat. I realize you may not be a cat person, but humor me now and then. She does A LOT of funny things, and likes to pose in strange positions for pictures.  And she's pretty cute.

Sophie (our cat) is was sort of mean. Well, more accurately, like really really mean to everyone except Zac and me. Especially my mom - she and my mom just do not get along!

Since we've moved, she's become a different cat. No hissing at strangers, just too busy loving everything about her new digs.  She's snuggly and sweet and just plain not mean.  Strange!

So yeah. Her new life is obviously really tough:

Yeah, tough. And after she spends time doing that, she moves on to do this:

Check out that sweet cat toy I made by having no where else to put her toy and thus hanging it from the curtain rod that doesn't have curtains.  I am so DIY this week.

More this weekend - but probably not 4 posts at once this weekend! Oh - I am heading to the first meeting of the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild, so I'll definitely give you an update about that! I'm excited to meet Heather, who I've been emailing about the event, in person. Her blog, Olive and Ollie is definitely worth checking out!

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