Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Zac wants a Jeep. SO bad.

Zac LOVES Jeep Wranglers. Like, thinks about them all the time, loves them.  He used to have one of those ridiculous high jacked up ones that are probably totally unsafe with no doors a Wrangler, and he definitely misses it.

I think they're cool, but also totally impractical and I'm not sure I ever want to put a future child of mine in the back seat of a topless Jeep. Zac's newest quest is to change my mind.

We were at Findley Market a few weeks ago and saw a cute young couple with a baby loading their purchases into a Wrangler.  Kid you not, Zac pointed to them and said, "Tara, look! Look how happy they are!" He then proceeded to tell me that if he had a Jeep, he would "wear a baby like that guy" (who had the baby in a front sling).

Cute, right? Ignore the part that the Jeep probably isn't what made them happy and that (someday) Zac will "wear a baby like that guy" whether he has a Jeep or not!

BUT - tonight. This catalog came in the mail:

It is a catalog full of crap for your Jeep.  Emphasis on crap.  The following conversation took place tonight at our house:

Zac: "Check out the catalog I got today."
Tara: "Interesting."
Zac: "Look how happy that family is."
Tara: "Mmm hmm."
Zac: "See all their friends already going tubing? They're meeting their friends to go tubing. We could go tubing if we had a Jeep."

Are you serious? I should clarify that I am definitely not ready for a happy family yet (though tubing with friends sounds fun) so I'm not sure where this comes from.

Oh - and since he won't read my blog, I feel like I can share these things with you. When I asked if he read my blog, he said, "Why would I want to read your blog? I LIVE your blog!" Fair enough.  His mom reads my blog though (Hi Lo!) so hopefully she won't spill the beans that I've been talking about him...


  1. Hi there! thanks for stopping by today. I love the comment about your husband not needing to read your blog because he lives it!! lol!! good luck with the jeep! : )

  2. Not sure who mle is but i like the husband comment!!!

  3. I have only gotten Nick to read mine once or twice I think, he says he already hears it all, so why read it again! ha

  4. So I'm clearly blog-stalking you, because this post is old, but it caught my eye because Ryan is OBSESSED with his Jeep Wrangler. He has one of those ridiculous high jacked up ones that are probably totally unsafe with no doors. I made him park it when Ben was born, and he bought a Camry! Also, Ryan has worn Ben on several occasions. :)

  5. this caught my eye because i love jeeps a ton and my dads always like no....u dont need that lol but here is the deal u should talk him into another type of jeep if you like one like i love jeeps but i want a liberty or a cherokee they are way more practical haha good luck!!!


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