Sunday, June 13, 2010

Explaining my blogging hiatus

Hi friends!

I'm sorry that I've been missing lately!  I have been spending SO much time preparing for our Summer Program that starts tomorrow morning. 100 middle schoolers + 14 high school Leaders + 10 teachers = 1 exhausted me! I can't believe how much work it's taken to prepare for this 4 week program. I think that I'm ready though!

I am also dying to start some sort of craft project! I'm sending my latest quilt to my favorite long-arm quilter tomorrow (Hi Gramma!) but I just haven't had time to start anything new. I really hope that I'm so prepared for the Summer Program that it just runs itself and I stop having so much work!

On a super fun garden-y note, look what I found tonight!


And the cutest baby tomato I've ever seen!

Send me happy thoughts that I haven't forgotten anything major for the Summer Program tomorrow, and with any luck, I'll be back to normal posting this week!

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