Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh man.

I am EXHAUSTED! A full 14 hours after I left for work this morning, I came home! We had a GREAT day at summer camp, but I spent the whole day worrying that something was going to go wrong. It didn't. No one got lost, no one broke a bone...all in all, a success!

These people, the best Summer Program staff a girl could ask for made my life so much easier today:

They LOVE doing stuff like this...

Group two un-human-knotting.

I have been doing so much SHOPPING for the Summer Program. And buying really strange stuff. If you're curious, the following items have made their way into my shopping cart in the past two weeks:
  1. 20 skeins of brightly colored yarn
  2. 5 chess sets
  3. 4 cases of fruit snacks
  4. 120 one-inch binders
  5. 2 cases of bananas
  6. 22 bottles of hand sanitizer
  7. 3 Flip Cams
  8. 5 Post-it sticky pads
  9. 18 walkie-talkies
  10. 40 copies of Their Eyes Were Watching God
  11. 1 kickball
And that's just some of the cool stuff! Here's to hoping tomorrow goes smoothly and at some point I get my free time back!


  1. I loved Their Eyes Were Watching God! Great book.

  2. Sounds like you have a REALLY big summer schedule. How long does this summer camp last? I know you're good at it, though. Love you. Gramma


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