Friday, June 18, 2010

What do I not know about curtains??

Ok - I really hope there is some sort of secret curtain club out there of people who know how to buy affordable curtains.  Because I sure can't figure it out.

I really to hang two floor length panels on either side of the window with a sheer panel in the middle. These two windows are the only ones in the house where people can see inside from the street, and instead of messing with blinds, I'd rather just have two sheer curtains that would let light in while providing privacy.

So.... throw out West Elm, Pottery Barn, etc. where curtains cost upwards of a million dollars.  Target will still run me more than $250 for the look!! Even WalMart will be more than $200. Bed Bath and Beyond is out of control expensive. And, my favorite store (Homegoods) doesn't carry curtains. I know. I nearly passed out as well.

I can make them with fabric from JoAnn's for $170.  Which is definitely way cheaper than buying them, but still ridiculous. There are a lot of other things I can get for $170 besides brown curtains.

So what am I missing here?? How can I get curtains without spending tons and tons of money??

This is sort of what I want, with a sheer in the middle:


  1. T,
    Are you sure BB&B is out of your price range? If you only need two panels (like my kitchen sliding glass door???) it shouldn't be too bad especially if you use a coupon. Love you.

  2. ok T, here's what you need (and you may already realize this, so if you do forgive me, this comes from my years of experience at Pottery Barn)- you need to get a double hang curtain rod. It has a spot for 2 rods so that you hang the sheer curtain on the back one and the panels on the front. This way you can close the panel curtains and the sheer stays in the same place. I'm shocked that Pottery Barn or something similar is going to be that expensive, but then again they are made from nice fabric. I did invest in nice PB curtains 3 years ago (has it been that long???) when I got my apt. and I still love them. Hope this helps!!!

  3. I bought brown curtains from target and trust me i did not spend 250.00... maybe 70?

  4. I ran into the same sticker shock when I started pricing out our living room windows (4) and was coming up with astronomical figures. I was looking for everything - blinds, hardware, and curtains (not doing the sheers like you are, though). I was also really surprised that my favorite home stores (T.J. Maxx/Ross/Marshalls) don't carry curtains - what happens to them all?

    I got a really good deal on fabric from and ended up making some no-sew curtains myself. I used curtain clips on the top so I didn't have to make pockets or tabs. I used a website called which had a good coupon for and they give you free shipping over a certain amount. They also have a really good return policy, so I was comfortable with the idea of buying the fabric sight unseen.

    For sheers I would use a coupon at BB&B - or do you have an Ikea close by? They also have cheap sheer curtains.

  5. My curtain secret? Flat sheets. In my kitchen we have french doors leading outside- used 2 twin flat sheets. Sew a pocket for the curtain rod to slip through on the bottom of the sheet and you have a nice finished edge when you hang your curtains because the top of the sheet is now the bottom of your curtains. Hopefully that makes sense! We have them hanging in the living room too(used 2 twin sheets, should of used full. oh well). Didn't sew those, just used the curtain clip rings and folded them to length. Easy-peasy, super cheap. :)

    Hope that helps. Oh, and I found my way here from Knock Off Wood. Love your storage box, esp. the color!

  6. IKEA!
    Garage sale/Goodwill sheets
    Dropcloths from the hardware store
    IKEA (I wrote it twice because they have such great cheap curtains)

  7. If this were my dilema, I would use a rod with sliding curtain clips. The sheer curtains at Target don't seem terribly over-priced when you buy the REStyle brand.

    The trick: I use shower curtains as real curtains. I know that right now there are Thomas O'Brien brand solid brown for about $40 per panel. I clip the curtain rings right where the holes for shower rings are located, and you can't tell at all!

    Shower curtains can't hang at the top of the wall and give the dramatic floor to ceiling look, but it works for me wanting to be cheap and change my curtains often!

  8. Tara,
    I always get my curtains from JC Penney. They have good sales, coupons and usually aren't too terribly expensive. By the way, love the look :)

  9. not sure if they have exactly what you want, but urban outfitters has gauze curtains on sale for cheap right now - $20 a panel. they also have velvet curtains in brown. i have 2 sets of their print curtains in my house, and i love them. this is amy t. by the way, how ya doin'?

  10. Tablecloths and homegoods sells those. I am going to make a bunch this week and throw out all my ugly yellowish white mini-blinds.

  11. I love the brown drapes in your pic... where are they from? They look like a dupioni silk but the texture stands out and it's exactly what I'm looking for....

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