Monday, January 24, 2011

When do you create?

I've been thinking a lot lately about when people sew (or craft, or whatever).  I am blown away by the bloggers who create a new project nearly everyday - who are constantly sewing or creating or crafting.

Who has the time to do that?? It seems like people fit it in at different times during the week.  My friend Brandy often sews for her Etsy shop in the evenings (after working at her full-time job and putting her sweet son to bed. Sheesh!).

I don't usually sew in the evenings unless I get home unusually early from work.  I tend to start sewing when Zac isn't home - mostly weekends. My favorites are the Saturdays he works a double, when I can start sewing in the morning and sew straight through until 9:00 PM! He isn't willing to hang out in the sewing room with me, unfortunately.

When do you sew? How do you fit it in with your busy life?

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  1. I still haven't brought my sewing machine from MD to Nashville, but I do have a craft room. I like you craft on the weekends when Andrew's off doing something.

  2. I sew on the weekends and sometime after work! Depends on the day I've had :)

  3. I don't sew... ever!! haha!! But, I do craft and create at NAPTIME! My most favorite word in the english language! :)

  4. I am seriously lusting over that craft box up top. I craft when I don't feel well. It's a self-soothing mechanism, I think. Right now, I'm making a friend a set of Dr. Who themed nesting dolls. My first foray into this sort of crafting! ... normally I stick to crocheting and wishing I could quilt!

  5. I craft whenever I can. Mostly on the weekends when Bud is working or doing homework, but last night I worked on a rag wreath, and I knit all the time. When we watch tv, at the movies, at work on my breaks. I wish I had more time, I think I might actually finish projects in a timely manner if I did ;)!

  6. I craft/sew/create when the hubs isn't around ... he's not big on spending time talking to my back while I'm sewing, painting, or sanding! I just don't get it! ;)


  7. I'm a nut, and as you said I sew/embroider in the evenings after I put Jack to bed. I think it works for me b/c I'm a night owl, so that's when I have the most energy. Lately, I've been staying up way too late though! It works for me b/c my sewing room is the formal dining room (converted, of course) and is open enough to the living room that I can still see the TV and talk to Ran while I'm creating. Our office is across from the sewing room and open as well, so sometimes he'll come sit in the big chair in there and play music for me while I sew. Those are by far my favorite nights.

    Happy Crafting!

  8. Mostly weekends for me. I also am in a sit n sew group and we meet once a month on a weeknight. I wonder the same thing about folks, I don't pump out nearly the same amount as others.

  9. I usually sew when my 2 year old napping and my 4 year old is playing with puzzles, on weekdays.


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