Friday, January 28, 2011

So blessed!!

This weekend is my first bridal shower, and I am feeling totally overwhelmed by the generosity and support from those who love us.  I am so excited to see my friends and family and celebrate!

My sister Emily is on her way home from Delaware today for the shower. This morning, she sent me a picture from the airport with the caption, "Look who I found in the airport!"

You guys - that's my gramma from New York, coming in to surprise me!!!

I have got to get it together, because I'm assuming that the guests at the shower do not want to watch me cry repeatedly about how loved I feel. This is totally overwhelming and amazing.

This wedding is getting real you all -- I am the BRIDE!!


  1. ...been peeking through your wedding posts :) Your engagement photos are ADORABLE! I grew up in Cincinnati,(New Richmond) so I was loving looking at all your potential sites :)

  2. Oh my goodness!! So fun! I bet it was a blast (:

  3. It's okay -- Brides are allowed to cry. Does your family do that thing where they cheer everytime you tear the ribbon on a package because each tear is an indicator of how many children you'll have? I sneakily stretched out all of the ribbons while talking about how each wrapping was sooooo pretty before I attempted to remove them 3:)

  4. Yay! So excited for you. Your family sounds awesome.


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