Sunday, January 9, 2011

Craft Room Overhaul

After Christmas, my sewing/craft room literally looked like a tornado had gone through it. Wrapping paper pieces were everywhere, fabric remnants from last-minute gifts, and stuff that belonged somewhere else but needed to be put somewhere so company wouldn't see it filled the corners.

In short, it was a mess. I can't believe I'm sharing these photos with you... but we're friends. And this was my real life. And shame can be a good motivator.

Uh yeah. Not a whole lot of creativity going on in there when it looks like this!

This room is our smallest bedroom and will (someday) become a nursery.  So...I didn't want to do anything too permanent because this isn't a forever room, but it seemed crazy to keep things temporary since babies are year(s) away.

We have other house projects that are ahead of this one on the gets-money-list, so this is what we could do for free. I'm pretty proud of it!

The second shelf of the bookcase will eventually store fabric like this, but I don't have the materials to do so yet. I usually hate mirrored closet doors, but in this small room, they really add a lot of light and make the room feel larger (though it's doubtful I'll want to look at myself in the mirror during midnight feedings in a few years, so they probably aren't staying long-term!).

Much better, right?? My favorite part is the thread holder!

Sorry the pictures aren't great - mastering this new camera is taking a lot of time!!

I've got a system started for organizing my craft ideas, and now that I have a beautiful, organized craft room, hope to start sewing something soon!

What did you organize this weekend??


  1. love this! we'll definitely be featuring it in our wrap up. :)

  2. first of all, the fact that you have a sewing room... jealous! i would take it, mess and all:) love the color and all those spools hanging, swoon. looks great!

  3. Your craft room on a messy day looks like my office on an "almost clean" day. I haven't gotten into sewing/quilting/anything with thread (yet?) so I have no use for all those spools...but that holder is so cute and colorful that I want one anyway!

    I also love the color on the walls in there--is the photo pretty true-to-life?? The next time we can make it to that side of the country, I'm inviting myself over for a visit, just FYI : )

  4. Wow, it looks great! What do you think you can do with my shoe closet? 'Cause I'm fresh out of energy...


  5. I didn't do anything nearly as productive, that's for sure. Your room looks great. I need a threadholder bad.

    And, I really like the wall color.

  6. I'm a twenty something too diving into this craft world. I liked your thumbnail on sassy sites and now I'm going to follow your blog--too cute!


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