Friday, January 21, 2011

Look - a Nook!

I just realized that I never told you about one of my very favorite Christmas presents - a Nook!! I had mentioned to Zac a few times that I thought they were super cool, and that if someone gave me one I would love it, but I'd probably never buy one for myself. I'm a BOOK person... but I could be persuaded otherwise, right?

He passed that message along to my favorite future in-laws and I was totally surprised to open one on Christmas Day!

Ohmygoodness this thing is SO cool!  And it is exactly like I thought it would be - I totally love it and use it all the time. 

My favorite things about it?
  1. I read more! I am a huge reader, but when I don't have a book to read, I don't read. And sometimes it takes me awhile to find another book. No longer the case - as soon as I decide what to read next, I am reading it five seconds later.
  2. I can get books from the library. Our library is investing in a ton of new e-books, and with the Nook, I can borrow e-books and don't have to buy them.
  3. Same with friends with Nooks - we can share books! If you have one, let me know!
  4. It's a space saver. I can take multiple books with me without filling a bag. I can take thousands of books on vacation and just carry this little guy.
  5. It has crossword puzzles and sudoku puzzles on it. Fun!
  6. It is unbelievably easy to read. I thought it might take awhile to adjust to it, but it didn't. Love it!
  7. I don't have to find a place to store books that I don't really want to keep forever - but I can still buy books that I do want to keep forever.
Have you made the switch to an e-reader yet? Do you have any suggestions for books that I should read next? I just finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series, and loved Water for Elephants too!


  1. I absolutely adored the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. Check it out :D

  2. My favorite books that I read in 2010 were Girl in Translation, Keeping the House, The Unlikely Disciple, The Kite Runner and The Help. (Totally looked at Goodreads to remember all those.) Girl in Translation was at the top.

    I'm totally getting a Nook, but probably not til the Spring. We gotta trade books then. The library part sold me majorly. I check out a few books a month from the library. I'd never pay to buy them all but I enjoy reading different things.

  3. I got one for Christmas too and I LOVE it. I just finished Water for Elephants and The Glass Castle. Both wonderful. Just downloaded The Reliable Wife and Girl with Dragon Tatoo. Can't wait.

  4. I got one for Christmas as Well! I'm reading this post on it right now! I will have to check if my library does ebooks well - that's really Cool!
    If you'd like to swap, my email is heather.rider[at]yahoo[dot]Com!

  5. I haven't switched yet, but my mom has an iPad and loves it. Glad you're enjoying the nook!


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