Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wedding dresses!

My mom is going to have a heart attack when she reads this - don't worry, Mom! I'm not giving anything away!

I went dress shopping three times before I found the one.  If you're interested in seeing what that was like... read along!

We first went to David's Bridal. My mom, Beth and my FMIL Lois went with me. I expected everything to be really affordable, but some of these dresses were expensive!! There are other ones I tried on, but these were the two we liked best.

I swear I didn't look like I have a huge stomach in person! I loved the lace detail on this, and the fact that it wasn't strapless. 

Whoa! This one was totally crazy and totally not me, but for some reason that made it fun?

I found this one in a magazine and then looked it up online. I was totally sure that this was going to be "the one." It's beautiful in the pictures (and in this picture) but it wasn't quite as pretty in person. We left knowing we were "going to think about it."

On a whim we stopped into a new bridal store by my mom's house and I tried this bad boy on. Beautiful - but weighed about 40 pounds!

Before you think I'm a terrible bride and giving everything away - none of these are the one! I'm not going to show you that, of course!! Here's the only sneak peak I'll give:

You'll have to wait until the big day to see the rest of it - but that isn't really too far away! What do you think of all the dresses?


  1. I hate wedding dress shopping! My daughter bought her dress. Her BF who was getting married the following week liked her dress, went and bought the same one and then moved her wedding to the week before my daughter's :(!!!! After lots of tears, we took the dress back, found another one, she liked even more :D So don't show your dress to anyone, please and the sneak peek is very fun!!!!

  2. Gnee - I didn't enjoy it nearly as much I as thought I would either!! Are your daughter and that girl still friends?? I suppose everything works out for the best!

  3. Tara, I must say you did give me a heart attack. I'm glad you didn't show your real dress! Even though you looked SO beautiful in it! Love you.

  4. As a former bridal consultant, you tried on some stellar dresses :) I think they're all lovely -- even though you said you liked the first one because it *wasn't* strapless, I think you look PHENOMENAL in strapless!!

  5. Oh! I like the first one! Crap I wish I would have seen that when I bought mine a year ago, I totally would have gotten that one!


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