Monday, August 9, 2010

Wedding Drama, Part I

We committed to a wedding venue (here, if you don't remember) more than two weeks ago. I got the contract emailed to me, reviewed it with Zac and my parents to make sure it was, had the deposit check ready to go, and - got busy. I just never got around to sending it.

I thought it was strange that the lady from the venue hadn't called looking for her deposit, but between our overnight retreat at work and my death plague last week, didn't think much of it.

Until my phone rang. And it was a woman from the Bell Event Centre saying that they'd had a change in management and wanted to make sure that I had a contract, etc.

Enter me going crazy here. What do you mean change of administration? Does this affect the cost? What about the chef? Is anything changing?

A few emails and frantic phone messages later, the new owner explained that everything was staying the same. She was even very understanding of my frantic bride drama. 

Thanks goodness - because I told my friend Clare to mark this date on her calendar in Sharpie... and I meant it!!

Eye candy from our wedding venue, because it makes me excited for April 9:

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  1. That's good! I got screwed on mine because I ended up changing the date almost a year in advance, but stayed at the exact same location. Their rule is if no one takes your original date, then you don't get back your deposit. :( But your location looks beautiful!


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