Sunday, August 1, 2010

Oh hey there, August.

I've been reading all these blog posts today that say things like "Where did August come from? It's too soon!"

I say, "Oh hey there, August. What took you so long??"

Maybe it's because we're going on vacation this month, or maybe it's because July was the craziest month ever, or maybe it's because in our non-air conditioned house we are one month closer to fall, but I am SO ready for August to be here.

July was busy! A month ago I was still up to my eyeballs in Summer Camp. I wasn't engaged. I didn't have a wedding date, venue, photographer or dress (AHH! I got a dress! Details coming soon!). July was a long, crazy month. And I'm glad it's over.

Hopefully August will bring me a little bit more free time to make some projects. My things-to-make-someday list is out of control. And Christmas is in less than 5 months. And Emily's birthday is in less than 5 days. Those of us who like to hand make presents don't love deadlines. Hurts the creative process.

Oh - and at some point I'd like to finish moving into this house. We went to the coolest cocktail party last weekend (thanks, Megan and Drew!). They moved in around the same time we did but their house is finished. As in, perfect. Things on the wall - no boxes in sight - looks like we've lived here forever - everything is painted - perfect.  That's what we're missing in this house... the feeling of finished. Realizing that I'm not sure your house is ever really complete, we could kick it up a notch and get some of the rooms painted, make the pillows I've been dreaming about and hang some pictures.

And school starts the 3rd week in August. For me. Classes two nights a week plus an online component (yes, online class for graduate school. Yes, it's ridiculous. Yes, it leaves me with one more free evening so I'm not going to fight it). I'm apparently just a glutton for punishment!

What has your life been like lately?

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