Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Things I Want to Make

I haven't shown you some of the things I've recently added to my "Things to Make" list. Here's some eye-candy and inspiration for you:

This tool storage solution from Pregnant with Power Tools is so cool! And it would work in our creepy, low-ceiling, dirty basement.

Is this wreath not the cutest thing ever? We don't have anything hanging on our front door and we totally should.

I don't think my sewing skills are up to par (ha!) for this golf club cover from Positively Splendid, but maybe it will be a birthday present for my dad. And then I'll buy him one when this doesn't turn out.

I want to make this t-shirt hat from At Second Street so badly. I attempted, but one of my old t-shirts wasn't big enough to cut out the circle head piece. And I throw away all of Zac's old t-shirts because I'm organized like that. Hmm... on the look-out for large t-shirts I'll never wear!

We love this desk from West Elm, but since we can't afford to pay hundreds for it, we're going to build the Knock-Off Wood version for our living room. As soon as we find the time!

That's some of the stuff I've been wanting to tackle - what's on your "to-make," "to-redecorate," "to-build" or "to-do" list?


  1. that's an awesome hat! i might have to scour goodwill for a cheap t-shirt i can hack up.

  2. I love Knockoff Wood!!! Best thing ever, I built a buffet for my dining room with a little help from Ana @ KOW


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