Tuesday, August 17, 2010

National Women's Self Appreciation Day

So that's not actually a real day. Katy from No Big Dill made it up. But I think it's awesome and should become a national holiday. She's right - I spend so much time thinking about things I wish were different about myself, and things I want to work on changing, and I forget that there are some things about me that are pretty darn awesome.

So - without further ado, things I like about myself:
  1. I work fast. I can complete things quickly and that helps me get a lot done.
  2. I have an eye for patterns and colors. I can match fabrics for projects that just work.
  3. I love to learn. I love school, I love learning new skills. I love everything about learning.
  4. I fit in most places. While I've never really found myself whole heartedly belonging to one "group" of people, I love that my friends are so eclectic and unique, and that I can be friends with such different people and enjoy all of them.
  5. I make a mean derby pie (thanks for the recipe, Momma Lo!).
Thanks, Katy, for reminding me to think happy thoughts today. What about everyone else? What do YOU like about yourself?

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