Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sophie's Grand Adventure

I've created a monster.

Sophie likes to lay by the window and is always really interested in what's happening outside. And since we got her almost 3 years ago, I've often felt like we're cheating her because she can't go outside.  I know, I know - she's probably still alive because she doesn't go outside and it's better for cats to be indoors. I know. But I still felt bad.

Since we've moved into the new house and have the great patio, we've been spending a lot of time out there. Whenever we go outside, Sophie lays in whatever window is closest to us. Last night, she started meowing. And that's how the monster was born.

I thought it would probably be ok to take her outside for just a minute. Just one little minute.

This is what she did when she came back inside:
She was pawing at the door and whining like a dog trying to get outside.

Zac said she wasn't allowed to go outside anymore, but after she whined for about 10 minutes (real life time: 30 seconds) I gave in and brought her back out. And thus, this happened:

Yeah, I get it. My cat parenting skills are sub-par. But how can you resist this face?

To placate all you non-cat people, look at what's growing in the backyard!!

Happy Spring!


  1. I am always in favor of giving in to adorable pet temptations!! Sophie needs her patio freedom!

  2. Love your flowers! I can't wait til we own a house to actually put time and $ into landscaping.


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