Sunday, May 30, 2010

Come visit my (new) garden!

We had a hot, busy day around here yesterday. My parents came to help me do some work in the backyard. Zac and I wanted to do it together I wanted to do it with Zac, but when we both realized we had no idea what we were doing, it seemed wise to call in the reinforcements.  So - Z went to work and got out of phase I of garden duty (don't worry, payback comes in the form of mulching...).

Before pictures:

It was SO hot!

Mom wanted me to show you her cute gardening clogs.

Bricks we dug up underneath a bush?

Gardening is hard work!

And you get pretty dirty!

But by the end, your vegetable garden can look like this! :-)

Oh - and Beth helped too....

Coming soon: my coolest idea for an herb garden ever!!


  1. Caption for the third picture:

    Gail: "I don't know, Dave. Do you really think it will work there?"

  2. Oh my god, do my ankles really look like that???

  3. I thought your legs looked NICE!

  4. I like Beth's way of helping the best :)


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