Monday, May 31, 2010

The cutest herb garden ever!

You may remember when I planted herbs last week and said I had a special surprise coming for you. Here it is! Remember this fence over my garden?

Well... it seemed like the perfect place to hang our herbs!

How cute is this??

Excuse our chives, which seem to have had better days! But seriously - is this not the coolest thing ever? We wanted to keep our herbs in smaller pots this year because otherwise they grow totally out of control.  We use them all the time in the summer, but we don't use very much (4 basil leaves in the pasta salad tonight was plenty).  

The hanging bars and pots are actually from IKEA and are supposed to be hung in a kitchen for utensils. We spent about $20 on the bar and pots, but I think you could do it even cheaper if you used pots you already had on hand or some other recycled idea. We have a 6th pot to add (mint) but since we just stole it from our neighbor's garden today (thanks, Rob!) we haven't hung it yet.

So there you go... a space saving and totally cute herb garden!

Oh - and check out the hanging baskets on the other side of the fence. I love the fence!

We had a GREAT Memorial Day and the 80 degree / sunny weather we've had for the past week finally broke tonight. It started raining about 20 minutes ago and it's the perfect end to a great weekend.

To get you excited for this week... here's a sneak preview of something we started working on today that you'll get to see more of this week!

Wonder what all of that wood is going to become??

Happy Memorial Day!

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  1. I don't know when I've read something that is so upbeat. You write just l like you talk and I love it? And you, too! Gramma

  2. What a great project!!!
    I love this!!!

  3. Our fence is just a boring ol' fence. I may have to steal your great idea. Might as well have another reason to head to Ikea!

  4. What an adorable idea to get your herbs out there and dress up the fence in one shot! I love it! I've been dreaming up different ideas to do a similar thing, but your pictures just made it clear! Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see your wood project!

  5. it looks lovely. I can't wait to get out of an apartment and into a place with room for a mini garden

  6. We were just at IKEA this weekend! I saw those, but hadn't seen your cute as pie post yet! Adorable! Thanks for such a great idea, Tara!

  7. What a beautiful way to dress up a fence! LOVE IT!

    Happy Day,
    Jasey @ Crazy Daisy

  8. Too cute! What a great way to use that empty space! I love it!

  9. Thanks for all the sweet comments... I'll be creating a tutorial for it soon!

  10. What a cute idea. I love the herbs hanging on your fence. Adorable!


  11. This is such a clever and creative project. Well done!

  12. I love your fence too! Such character with its weathered boards. Your herb bucket planters are adorable on there and the hanging flower planter looks great against the weathered boards. Clever lady.

  13. Great idea, to bad I don't have a fence...

    Found you on Tea Rose Home


  14. I love this idea! How cute! Now I'm wishing I had a fence to do this. Maybe next year...

  15. Cute idea to hang the herbs on your fence!

    I'm so jealous of your fresh herbs!

    Thanks for linking up. I hope to see you Friday for another link party!


  16. I'm a new Thursday Follower! Your site is so cute! To find some great deals and Freebies visit me at and sign up for my newest giveaways!

  17. This is such a great idea and I'm sure helps keep some of the pests away from the herbs. Great job!

  18. Your herb garden is adorable and that is the perfect accent to dress up your fence!

    I'm following you now - too cute!

    This would be a perfect post to share at my Garden Party! Please come link up if you get a chance.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  19. Very nice! I can't wait to see the finished backyard!

  20. I'm giving herbs a try this yr too, guess I watch too much Food Network,LOL not sure what to do with fresh herbs but know I want to grow some LOL

  21. Very clever - I thought those looked like Ikea items!

  22. what a FABULOUS idea! I love IKEA! Thanks for linking up to Hoo's got talent!

  23. I featured you this week. Great project!

  24. I came by last week to look at your project but was just looking through all of them. I don't see the us of any of our sponsor's products on your project? You are more than welcome to enter another project that has used at least one of the products. You do need to have your entries in by this evening.


  25. what a good idea :) I have a little fence...I could do this! come on over and link up to MMM!


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