Friday, May 21, 2010

More things I want to make

Now that I follow so many amazing blogs in my Google Reader, I keep adding to my "Things I want to Make" list.  Sigh - so many projects, so little time!

Maybe it's because I'm "from" Kentucky, but this is the cutest thing I've ever seen.  Head over to The Polka Dot Chair to find the tutorial.

Fabric baskets. As baskets are so expensive (and not usually this cute), why not make your own? For every single room? Sew4Home rocks.

The problem here is deciding which to make first!! The Handy Hippie posted a pattern for each today and I am in love!

Busy weekend ahead of me... some friends coming over tonight for a "Girls Night In" with pizza, wine and pjs (super excited), then going to Louisville tomorrow for an alumni event for Zac's fraternity (less excited) and a program at work on Sunday afternoon.  I'll take some pictures for you!


  1. Love the wrist-let wallets! So cute!

  2. Super love the jockeys. My birthday's in a month ;)!


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