Thursday, May 27, 2010

If everyone just did their jobs...

This is definitely a rant, but I haven't done one of those in awhile so I feel like it's ok. You've been forewarned.

Why is it so much to ask that people do what they are supposed to do at work? I have a job, and I don't really have a lot of leeway. I get my work done, or I probably wouldn't have a job anymore.

The back story of what stirred up this rant: Since we moved to our new house, I have called the post office 3 times (in less than 2 months!) because our mail doesn't get picked up.

Here's a picture of our mailbox, in case you can't remember the set-up:

See it, there to the right of Zac's arm?

The first time I was told that legally, mail carriers don't have to pick up your mail if they don't have anything to drop off for you. SERIOUSLY.

More importantly, this week, I put mail in the box on Tuesday, came home, and the mail that was delivered was just shoved on top of the letters to be picked up.  Try it again on Wednesday - same result.  I called the post office today to complain and the lady said:

"You need to arrange the mail so that it sticks out of the mailbox. Your mail carrier probably isn't going to check if there's mail in the box."

Oh - I'm sorry. I mistakenly assumed that it was the mail carrier's JOB to get mail out of my box, and put mail into my box (among other things, of course).  How is this ok??

Disclaimer: I am very pro-USPS and use them almost exclusively for all of my shipping needs. So maybe this is me having my feelings hurt at them being sucky.  But if it happens again today, I'm calling the Post Master.

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