Sunday, July 18, 2010

Moving back in?

I swear we moved back into our house today. After four weeks of summer camp, being out of town, getting engaged - our life was a crazy mess (of good stuff, but good stuff is still messy).  And the house looked, well, just like that.

So today we literally spent all day getting things in order. Sure, there was massive cleaning, but mostly it was putting stuff away and getting to little projects that have been pushed back, like hanging curtains!

I FINALLY found curtains that we could afford (read about my dilemma here).  I found them at Target, and truly, they're perfect. Cheap quality, but perfect. And really, if you come over and touch my curtains and thus realize they are cheap, you are also probably touching other things you aren't supposed to be touching!

Here's a picture of how they look in the room.......

They are totally perfect. Exactly what I wanted.  The sheer lets light in but you can't really see in from the outside.  The pattern is just enough spice.  The brown looks great with everything else. Phew. It looks nice!

This room photographs terribly for some reason. It's a lot nicer in person! It's not really for the full reveal - we're planning to build a desk for the corner so we can have a mini-office downstairs. More on that if when we get around to building it.

So you can see the pattern on the sheers - which matches the chairs really well (accidentally, of course).

A view from the outside. It shows a little more circles then I would like, but I love it enough on the inside.

Does the house look different? Zac rearranged the house numbers today and I really like it. You can see the original look here.

He also did this:

Hung above the TV (the wood will eventually be painted by the way).  At a slant. It's still there. It looks ridiculous.

Sorry ladies, he's taken.

More pictures from the more fun part of my weekend to come as soon as Holly emails them to me... get on it, Holly!

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