Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I have an addiction to planners.

I discovered my addiction to planners when I was in my freshman year of college. When I realized that I could stick multi-colored post-it notes on the pages of my new planner to create a whole new level of fabulous, I was hooked.

I've had multiple planners from Franklin Covey.  Originally, I loved having daily pages but over the past few years I've started to prefer a weekly view instead. I love extras - like birthday pages and stickers! This year I used the MyAgenda from MomAgenda, which I LOVED, but it isn't spiral bound and I miss that.

So.... here's what I'm planning to order this week:

Obviously a beautiful cover design is a MUST.  And the weekly pages look like this:

And there are stickers!!!!!

All images from Erin Cordren

So what do you think? Do you just LOVE this life planner? You get to put your name on the front to personalize it - would it be too much to put my "new" name on the front, even though about half a year will pass by before I have that new name?!?


  1. I'm so glad you suggested we toss some of our peaches onto our grill! After looking at your post below, I'm hooked. We're having some friends for dinner on Thursday night and that's going to be dessert! Looks fabulous. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Love the planner above too!

  2. ahh, love it!!! I miss the days when we would pour over all the planners in Target, Office Max, etc. trying to find the perfect one. Sadly I have moved mostly beyond the world of planners and now mostly used my phone. But your post has inspired me. Do they come in pink???


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