Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Zappos. Has. An. Outlet.

Ohmygoodness you guys. ZAPPOS HAS AN OUTLET STORE.

I will pause a moment to let that sink in for you.

Zappos, as in, the best place to order shoes online in the history of all time because they have free 24 hour shipping to you and free 24 hour shipping if you need to return stuff and their customer service people are the nicest people of all time.

For our Friends Day this month, we went to Louisville where my friend Katie lives. After a super yummy lunch at a local pizza place (see here for how I can eat a little bit of pizza), we headed to the Zappos outlet store. It's about 20 minutes south of downtown Louisville, and I'll tell you, it's worth the drive.

I am kicking myself for not taking any pictures of the store, but it looks like your normal shoe store. Rows and rows and rows of shoes. Anything people return to Zappos for any reason gets put here. The most expensive shoes are 50% off, but there are some as low as 70% off their retail price. They have shoes as expensive and lovely as Kate Spade, and also some that at 50% off end up being $9. 

I was looking for some new work shoes, and I struck gold. For me, shoes are quality over quantity. You definitely get what you pay for. I've learned over the years that there are certain types of shoes I need to invest in - heels being a prime example. If you get the right pair of heals made by the right designer, you can wear them all day with no problem. It's always the cheapy Target versions that make me want to cry after about an hour.

Here's my booty:

These beauties are a deep brown color. And lovely.

Black, patent leather pumps to replace the ones I wore through.
Thank you to Calvin Klein for the extra padding!

I love accent shoes. My wardrobe has a lot of greys, whites, and blacks, and fun colored shoes or jewelry can spice things up. These are gorgeous in person, and extra padded again. 

Only one downside:

I tried them on in store, and they were comfortable. But I didn't walk in them. I got home and Zac said, "Those look high." To prove him wrong I tried to walk... and looked like a fool. So these will either take extra practice, an occasion where I don't walk at all, or just to be beautiful eye candy in my closet. 

Whichever way, I don't regret them!

Hey there beauties. Mommy loves you.

Grand total for three brand name pairs of dress shoes? $90. According to the original sales price, my total should have been closer to $300, so I'll take that!

Where have you scored great shoes??


  1. This is awesome! What a find! I'm the same way with dress shoes. I just think that for shoes in general, you have to pay more. I actually have a few pairs of awesome dress shoes that I'm going to take to the cobbler this week to see if he can put new soles on them. It's hard to find comfortable, nice-looking, good quality dress shoes.

  2. I stumbled across that place before I even really knew what Zappos was. I don't think I bought a thing because I was completely overwhelmed by the rows and rows of unorganized shoes! I think if I would have known what to expect, I could have mentally prepared myself. Looks like you found some awesome buys!

  3. OMG I must go!! I have the worst time with shoes! I have weird sized feet and buy the cheaper versions and want to cry at the end of the day! I need heels that can last me through the day!Road trip!!!

  4. Those are FABULOUS shoes!!! Wish it was closer to Houston so I could go take a peak!! :)


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