Thursday, January 12, 2012

What are you thankful for?

Wait - it's not November right? Isn't Thanksgiving the time of year we're supposed to be grateful? Yes... and no!

I have a new boss at work, and she's totally and utterly fantastic. One of the changes she's bringing to our organization is a focus on mindfulness and gratitude. Mindfulness means meditation and being present in the moment, which is a big challenge for me, as you know.


The newest academic research looks at gratitude as a science. I know - weird, right? But it's seriously a science. The results researchers are finding are incredible:

  • When your mind is focused on gratitude and what you're thankful for, it's physically impossible to think about what's bad in your life. Impossible.
  • By focusing on what they are grateful for, disadvantaged kids are able to retain more information when they study. Cool, right?
  • Keeping a gratitude journal reframes your day and can reduce frustration later in the day.
Are you on board yet? You should be.


I want to share some of the things I'm grateful for this week... and I want to hear some of yours!

  1. A surgery for my aunt and uncle that was incredibly successful, which means many more years for my uncle!
  2. An amazing new boss and a renewed energy and excitement about my work.
  3. A snuggly puppy. How can I not be grateful for that?
  4. A husband that I never get tired of. And who makes dinner every night. S.C.O.R.E.
  5. Feeling rested and renewed after the holiday break. Planning to ride it until May.
  6. Great graduate school friends who have gotten me through the past 18 months.
  7. An amazing internship supervisor who cares about my professional development and makes what could have been a painful experience fantastic.
  8. A warm, cozy house.
  9. An interest in sewing and DIY projects. Space to do them. Time to complete them. Joy after doing so.
  10. My friends and family. L-O-V-E them.
  11. Blogging and the community I've found here. Every single comment you leave makes me smile, and brings little pops of joy throughout my day.
  12. Sticking to my running routine long enough that I look forward to it at the end of the day now. And for a puppy who pulls me and makes me go faster.
  13. My husband. I didn't think I should put the dog twice and not him! 
Just listing those things makes me smile... because it reminds me that I'm so blessed. It's hardest for me to be grateful when I'm tired and overwhelmed, which is why I keep a small journal in my purse. For emergencies. Of which I have many.

I want to know what you're grateful for. You don't need to list 13, but please tell me at least one. Because I'm grateful for hearing from you!


  1. Even though it has turned my little world upside down, I'm grateful that we not only found the house of our dreams but that we were able to sell ours in order to make the purchase possible.

    I love the idea of keeping a journal of these things. I often feel like I'm not grateful enough for all the many blessings I have and this would allow me to look back through them time and time again.


  2. you have a great list.
    I'm grateful for:
    My family's health.
    Friends who lift us up.
    My faith, and always knowing I can turn to God.
    Knitting and its calming effects for my nerves.
    just to name a few...
    I believe i've seen that exact billboard on our interstate near Fargo. hmmmmm.

  3. Thankful for:
    1. My husband, he's my best friend!
    2. My baby girl. She is a blessing and absolutely perfect!
    3. The ability to be a SAHM! I love that my husband wanted this just as much as I did and that his job can provide for us.
    4. My desire to do crafts, although I don't quite have the time to do them yet.
    5. A wonderful family
    6. A wonderful blogging friend community!
    7. And so so so so much more!


  4. I'm thankful for:
    1. finding love :)
    2. my awesome friends and family
    3. my students who are sweet- *most of the time!
    4. discovering my love of sewing and quilting
    5. my ridiculous dog Biscuit who keeps me on my toes
    6. good health
    7. finding new friends in the blogging community
    8. discovering Pinterest
    9. having time to indulge in Pinterest
    10. all the awesome ideas on Pinterest
    11. knowing that Pinterest makes me a better teacher

    ...did I mention I'm thankful for Pinterest?


I love reading your comments - thanks for being a wonderful part of my blogging experience!

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