Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

This probably isn't a post that is very interesting to many of you, but I am so overwhelmed with gratitude and I just have to write it. Blame my recent gratitude kick, if you must.

Thank you to each and every single person who reads this blog. I am so humbled by how many of you there are, where you live (shout out to my friend from Saudi Arabia!), and the lovely comments you send me.

Thank you to everyone who pinned my pallet art, became a follower of my blog, or said sweet things about my flower quilt.

I like to blog for many reasons, but the love and community I've found here was unexpected and overwhelming. Your involvement in this blog has turned this from a record of my (somewhat boring) life for my parents to one of the highlights of my day.

You are fantastic -- thank you to all of you who humor me, think I'm at least a little bit funny, and enjoy the crazy things I make. You guys rock.


1 comment:

I love reading your comments - thanks for being a wonderful part of my blogging experience!

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