Monday, January 30, 2012


I have a lot of cousins - and a lot of them have been having babies recently! My cousin Kristen is next in line, and she's having a baby girl next month. I wanted to send her a gift before things got too crazy, so I went with one of my favorite baby projects.

The peace sign is close to my family's heart. The PEACE OUTside Campus Foundation was founded in honor of my cousin Lindsey, and I wanted to make something for the new baby that would embody Lindsey's spirit.

I used a clip art shape to create the peace sign, and followed the steps I outlined here in the applique tote bag tutorial. I just love the funky stripe fabric for this sweet onesie!

And note to self - taking decent pictures before mailing gifts. Sorry for the iPhone versions.

Because this precious baby is a girl, I couldn't resist a finishing touch on the back...

Are the butt ruffles not to die for?? I made them before I got my new serger (which I still don't know how to use) so I just zig zagged the edges. I did use my new ruffling foot to make them, though. As a helpful hint, jelly roll strips are the perfect width for making these sweet ruffles, and they're extra great because the strips are so long.

I used this tutorial to learn how to make the ruffles, but it's pretty easy.

This little tag blanket is one of my favorites. I just love all of the bright, crazy colors. Perfect for little baby chomping on!

This has become my go-to baby gift because you can personalize it so easily, it's fun to make, and people seem to love them! 

Oh - and I had a little help.

What baby gifts are you giving to people that are a huge hit? Peace out!

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  1. I love these projects. They are so fun!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Love for you to share this at JAQS Studio Linky Party:


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