Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bedroom Makeover

While looking at my calendar last week, I noticed a small miracle. We had nothing planned from Friday afternoon until Monday morning. NOTHING. That literally never happens. Well, it literally happens once or twice a year. I frantically called Zac to see what home project he wanted to tackle.

We threw around the idea of the dining room, downstairs bathroom, painting the kitchen cabinets... but nothing seemed really exciting. We had been planning to do our bedroom last, like, way way years from now last, but Zac suggested we tackle it this weekend. We hadn't picked out bedding but we had a vague idea of what we wanted, so we went for it!

And we worked HARD. As in, painting ceilings and trim and doors and walls hard. Not putting down drop cloths and having to scrape paint off your laminate floors hard. But it was so so so so worth it.

Fast forward to picking out bedding. I accepted long ago that I would probably never again sleep under a printed duvet or quilt. There just aren't any that we both like. In fact, the following conversation occurred mid-bedding hunting:

Me: "Do you like this one?"
Zac: "No."
Me: "What about this one?"
Zac: "No."
Me: "This would be much easier if you didn't sleep in bed with me."
Zac: "Ditto."

He is a man of few words.

I'm not ready to show it to you quite yet because we don't have curtains or art hung yet, and we're waiting on our duvet cover, but I'll give you a small preview. This is the quilt we found that I adored and Zac thought was "fine." I didn't ask one single question after that. I just bought the damn thing.


It will have a white textured duvet on the bed, too. It's hard to see it here, but you can see better pictures if you visit the Pottery Barn website. The pictures really don't do it justice - I actually looked at it online but didn't think much of it. When I saw it in person, I was in love.

I had a friend ask why I didn't just make the quilt, but I didn't for a few reasons. One, I can't sleep under something I made every night. I'm too crazy and all I'd see would be uneven edges. I'm not proud of that. Secondly, it honestly isn't cost effective. It would have cost me way more money to make it than to just buy it. Finally, I wanted a solid looking quilt without a lot of piecing. I can't get giant fabric the way Pottery Barn is. And, it took me 20 minutes to buy it. If I made it, I wouldn't have had a new quilt for months.

I'll send you pictures as soon as we have the rest of it finished, which will hopefully be soon. In the meantime, does anyone know where I can find some affordable faux silk white curtains? You might remember my curtain rant from last year. I want these to look luxurious, but I want them to be cheap. Let me know if you find any!


  1. two possibilities for curtains - Anna's Linens if you have one. They're sort of like the TJ Max/Marshall's for curtains and towels (great deals when you find then but hit or miss sometimes) or Walmart online. I never bother with my local Walmart, but online has a much better selection and often you can have them shipped to the store free of charge. I also check the clearance section at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I got my current master bedroom curtains there and paid less than $40 to do the whole window. That can be hit or miss too, but you never know!

  2. I spent months trying to convince Matt we should get a duvet instead of a regular comforter. He constantly said he hates duvets. One day we were in Bed, Bath & Beyond and I notice him touching one of the display beds with a duvet on it. He says, "We should get this kind of comforter!"

    I now believe that most guys have no idea what they are talking about with bedding, so as long as they don't see it and start crying, you should just get what you like :)

  3. Ahhh... bedding. I don't ask. Is that bad? ;)

    Ryan is pretty not-picky, and I try to pick things that are pretty basic. Right now, we have a white comforter with the pin tucks. I think he's just happy that I'm happy. It's easier for him. ;)

  4. The only rule we have for our bedroom is that there can never be a floral pattern.
    That's why we've stuck with the beachy theme...tans, whites, shades of blue.
    It's easy that way and I always feel like I'm getting away on vacation when I go to bed ;)

    I love your bedding choice, can't wait to see the pictures!!!



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