Wednesday, January 11, 2012

LASIK Update: 4 Months In

It's been almost four months since I had my LASIK surgery, and I wanted to give you an update. You can read about my surgery here.

Immediately after the surgery, my eyes were dry. Unbelievably dry. Eye drops multiple times an hour dry. Four months later, they're a lot better. I still use eye drops first thing in the morning, and by the end of the night, my eyes are pretty dry. They're more dry if I'm tired, but most days I forget to put drops in at all.

My vision was 20/15 the day after the surgery, and that's what it still is when the eye doctor tests it. The less dry my eyes are, the more clear my vision seems. The change in vision is unbelievable - I can see more clearly than I ever could with contacts.

My night vision improved dramatically. I probably wasn't safe on the roads before this at night - lights had a huge halo. I didn't realize how bad it was until everything became so clear. This isn't a guaranteed result of LASIK, but it does happen for most people.

So any downsides? I actually miss coming home and putting my glasses on at night, which was sort of like changing into my PJs after work. Zac likes to watch TV as he's falling asleep, and it was easier for me to tune it out when I couldn't see it. Now I sometimes get sucked in and stay up later than I mean to!

I can't believe how quickly I adjusted. I thought it would take awhile to get used to not wearing glasses or contacts -- when in reality, it took about a week. Now, I can't really remember ever wearing them, which is ridiculous considering I wore them for more than 20 years!

I am SO glad that I did it. Worth every single penny. Every single one. Four months in, I'm even happier than I was a few weeks after the surgery. Hope this wasn't too boring of an update... just thought you might be curious!


  1. As someone who wears contacts every single day, I like to hear this about lasik! Thanks for letting us all know!

  2. I have been wearing Glasses for about 9 years now. I am seriously considering this Intra-Lasik surgery.

    Your journals keep me informed, Thank you very much.

    Thanks From Saudi Arabia.

  3. Hi, I found your blog from Pinterest! I had LASIK in August, and it just occurred to me that my being able to see the tv is probably why I have a harder time falling asleep at night now. :) I'm glad you're happy with the procedure. I wish I hadn't waited so long to do it.


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