Thursday, January 5, 2012

Prayers needed today!

Today, my aunt will be donating part of her liver to my uncle. They are working with one of the best transplant teams in the country, but it's still a complicated and difficult surgery and recovery process.

If you have any extra prayers to spare, please send them their way today.

You can never have too many prayers, right?!? I love you, Aunt Sue and Uncle Mark!


  1. So many prayers coming their way from Dallas!

  2. Dear God,

    We come before you today and ask that you watch over this transplant.
    Tara's Aunt has answered a calling and we ask that you will protect her during this procedure. Tara's Uncle needs this new liver and we ask that you will bless his new liver! Guide the surgeons hands, calm the family's fears, bless the giver and the receiver, and most of all may your will be done in this situation!

    In your name we pray..Amen!

    Sending extra hugs your way today!

  3. Those shirts are great!
    God bless them!


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