Thursday, May 26, 2011

Reading, reading, reading

I have always loved to read. When I was little, I was only allowed to read 5 books before bed, because otherwise, I would have stayed up all night.

My "for fun" reading fell off in college when I was reading so much for school, but it always picked back up in the summer when I had more free time. Heck, my summer job after high school was running the Summer Reading Program at our local library. I love to read.

Then Zac entered the picture. Zac loves to watch TV. And then Zac was gone a lot for work, and I was home alone a lot. And so I started watching TV for company, and to cover up the creepy sounds old houses make when you're alone. You know what sounds I mean.

My new goal for the summer is to get back into reading for pleasure. I have a list of books that must be a hundred long, and it's about time I get to more of them! SO.... my bold summer reading goal is:

Read one book a week!

I'm a pretty fast reader, so that isn't as crazy as it sounds. I may not make it every week, but I'm going to try. Any suggestions for my summer reading list? I've got a few that we'll be reading for my book clubs (yes, I'm in more than one), but I'm always looking for more great reads!


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  2. The Flavia de Luce Series by Alan Bradley stars one of my new favorite characters... an 11 year old chemist who solves mysteries in 1950 England. The first one is titled "The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie". Definitely worthy of your list!

  3. Did you read The Hunger Games Trilogy? So much fun, and it's a great analysis on our fascination with violence AND reality TV (just to remind you of why you're not switching the television on!). I'm reading Odd Thomas right now on my kindle -- it's the first Dean Koontz that I've actually enjoyed. Anything Neil Gaiman is AMAZING.

  4. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. And anything by Micheal Pollan :)

  5. I second The Hunger Games- I read all three in a week so that would get you WAY ahead of your goal.


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