Friday, May 20, 2011

Our creepy basement, part I

We had hoped to work outside last weekend, but the constant rain we've had here this Spring kept us indoors. As a side note, we have had 6 days of sun in the last 46 days. When I was complaining about not having 4 seasons in Cincinnati anymore, Zac said that we do still have 4 seasons, but Spring has been replaced with a Rainy Season. Ugh.

So... as promised, pictures of our scary basement. In our defense, this is not our favorite part of the house, and unless we're doing laundry or taking shelter from a tornado, we don't spend a whole lot of time down here.

It really isn't as creepy as it looks here in person.

It provides us with a ton of storage, even though the ceilings are about 5'6" and I even have to duck in places. Good thing my husband isn't very tall!!

There are basically three sections - a laundry area, a storage area, and this part where Zac keeps his workbench and tools.

The good news is that we did a lot this weekend to make it a little less creepy... pictures coming tomorrow!!

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  1. After living in a state where NO ONE has basements I envy yours. Our rental in Lexington has one, and I am probably more excited than I should be about it!


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