Monday, May 23, 2011

Our creepy basement, part II

When we left off, I had aired our dirty laundry (no pun intended) and showed you the worst part of our house. Our genius plan for awhile has been to build some shelves to make better storage and help us organized all of the things we need to permanently store down there. We have a teeny tiny kitchen, and things like our crock-pot, bread machine, etc. all have to live in the basement when they aren't being used.

Why did we choose to build shelves instead of buy them? Good question. It ended up costing us $80 for the wood and screws, which is a pretty considerable cost. Buying similar quality metal or plastic shelves would have cost almost as much, and we needed ours to be "custom." Our ceilings are so low and our floors are so un-level, that building made the most sense for us.

So... first step to building custom shelves is to buy a huge pile of wood at Lowe's. Second step is to find this happening:

She is crazy. It doesn't matter what new thing you bring into the house - if you set it on the floor, she wants to lay on it.

Firs,t we cut the wood. We loosely followed these instructions here.

Got distracted and had to take a picture of Zac. He's cute when he's building stuff!

We started by building these frames. Don't get too excited - these are NOT fancy shelves!

Then we added the second half of the frames.

The plywood goes on top to make shelves.

To give you an idea of where they go in the basement.

And of course, the cat helped, by snoozing on whatever old, dirty suitcase she could find. And giving me the stink eye when I tried to take her picture.

Here's the final product. Much better than the random pile that was laying there earlier! Now all we need to do is load them up!!

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  1. hahaha I love when I'm looking at home blogs and just spot random cats lounging around in the pictures.


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