Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Update

Heh, I just giggled a bit because it reminded me of SNL. That part isn't really an update thought...

I had a great weekend! My grandparents were in town from NY, and so my parents and grandparents came to see our house.  Emily surprised my parents and flew in for the weekend, so I got to spend time with her, too.

I ran some errands and found myself at JoAnn's. I always seem to have either a million coupons or no coupons, and this weekend was one of those times where I have tons of them. Unfortunately, they're only good on regular priced items, and 99% of the time the items I need are on sale.

I had my eye on a new cutting board (my old one had an unfortunately run-in with the iron a few weeks ago) and  was thrilled when they weren't on sale! I know that's strange, but the 40% off coupon is usually a better deal than the sale. I decided to splurge on the largest one they have, and I am SO glad I did! Having a new, giant cutting mat has made a huge difference already.

I don't usually use their fabric for quilting. I'm kind of a fabric snob.  I'm always skeptical of how the JoAnn's fabric will hold up with lots of washing and wearing.  I do use it for other things though, like wall-hangings and projects that probably won't get washed often. I walked away with this stash:

I'll tell you what it's for after Christmas... 

I also volunteered at the Walk to Stop AIDS this weekend as a marshal. Basically, my job was to make sure people turned right and not left. Really tough. Oh - and this was the view from where I was standing....

I love this city!!

I hope you had a good weekend... the weather in Cincinnati today is cold and rainy, and it feels wonderful!! I have some plants that are just soaking up the rain, and it turns out our house is as pleasant when it's cold outside as it is miserable when it's warm out.  Yay - Happy Fall!

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  1. I totally want a big cutting mat, too. I think I'm going to ask for one for Christmas. Is it bad that I've started a wish list? I'm as bad as a 2nd grader.


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