Wednesday, September 8, 2010

House Inspiration

We've been working hard on projects at our house lately, and by we here I really mean me, Zac, and Zac's dad. He is so fantastic and is teaching us (I mean Zac) a lot of things. I'm mostly the ideas person here, as in, "We should add a second closet. How long will that take, a few hours??" I think Kenny is starting to hate me and my ideas... :-)

We spend a lot of time talking about what kinds of things we want to do to really make our house our home. A few things that seem to keep coming up:

Make it comfortable yet stylish.
We want our house to be beautiful and stylish, but we also want it to feel comfortable. I want my living room to be cozy enough that our friends want to kick off their shoes and sit on the couch. That they want to sit in our dining room for hours just talking. That our guest bedroom is warm and welcoming. You know, like this:

We need to get rid of some stuff. Or at least put it away.
My friend Erika just moved to a beautiful new house, and when I went to visit her on Monday, I realized that part of what made it so beautiful was her lack of stuff. Everything in her house seemed to have a place to go - there weren't piles of mail sitting out or things on the stairs ready to be carried up. This is our big downfall... we're good at putting things away if they have a spot to go, but otherwise, we're not so good. We need spots. And to get rid of some of our stuff.

It needs to work for us.
Our designs need to make our lives easier. We need to add a small desk downstairs not because we don't have office space upstairs, but because it doesn't make sense to have to climb stairs every time I need a stamp. We need a spot to hang our keys, not because it looks nice but because otherwise we can't find them in the morning. Walking in the door at night needs to make me feel more calm, not more stressed!

We need to be ok that it isn't finished now.
It takes time to paint every room in the house. It is expensive to replace flooring. It takes forever to decide what pictures to hang. And that's ok. We're prioritizing. Erika's house is brand new, and they still have projects. They're different from ours (landscaping vs. replacing flooring) but they are projects none the less. And let's face it - I love these projects! Once they're finished, I'll need a new house!

What do you think? What lessons have you learned while determining the style of your house?


  1. Oh we definitely need to get rid of some stuff too! Our house used to be clutter-free, simple, almost empty and that's what I loved about it. Then I moved all my stuff in and added a baby to the mix and now our once almost-too-big house is almost too small! HA! Decluttering is on the agenda for me next week!

    And, I don't think the projects ever end... you can always think of something else. Glad the remodeling is going well!

  2. I laughed so much at your comment about adding a second closet. That is SO me, too. My poor husband knows when I say, "You know what we shoul do...?" that he's in trouble. Unfortunately, it happens more than he'd like. =)

    I have to really consciously tell myself to take it one step at a time. I see a room on the Interwebs and want my room to look like it, right now. Only problem, there's weeks of work and lots of money to get there.

    Great ways to make your house a home. I totally relate with finding a place for everything and making things practical. We have worked towards that in our 3 years in this house. IT's getting there, not perfect, but getting there.

  3. I feel the same way too. I like to think when one walks into my home it feels like a big hug is surrounding you. Your blog is adorable.


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