Thursday, September 2, 2010

Making our wedding OUR wedding

Wedding planning is going well... maybe a little too well. Dresses? Check. Band? Check. Photographer? Check. Video lady? Check.  This isn't too difficult after all!

I deserve this t-shirt

Where I'm really struggling is figuring out how to inject US into our wedding. We're planning to write our own ceremony, so we'll have that, but how else can we make sure that our personalities and our relationship are captured during our special day?

Yeah. How do you capture this kind of love??

I don't want to give away any of the ideas I have, but any suggestions that you have would be really welcomed! A friend told me recently that she always remembers one or two really neat things from someone's wedding... what will those things be from our wedding?

Sparklers, like these?

Centerpieces like these?? Picture from my cousin Molly's wedding - for real!

What's the coolest thing you remember from someone's wedding?


  1. Hi Tara,
    Just a thought I had... Since you're such a quilter, maybe you could make a beautiful table runner for the Wedding cake table, bridal party table and/or parents of B&G table. It's something that would be unique to you and that you could bring home and display for years to come. You could theme them with your colors, with memories, or anything else that would be special to the two of you.

    -Katie Lindahl

  2. Thanks for joining our blog party over at Sassy Sites! I always love to see the fun blogs and cute stuff that everyone is working on! Come back next Friday... xoxo

    Tara! I always love your blog! :)

  3. Oh I love weddings! I think sparklers are so cool - my cousin did this at her wedding, also. I think shoes that reflect your personality always make for cute pictures. I can't wait to read more about your wedding planning!

    Not sure why I wasn't following before - but I am now!

    I hope your Wildcats have a good season! :)

  4. Bacon covered.. something. I forget. But it was covered in bacon and it was amazing. ;)

  5. Hi there, new follower here, and I can't wait to follow your journey to marriage. Love the centrepiece but I always remember the speeches and the music, how about asking each guest when rsvp'ing to give your their favourite song, and try and play them all on the night, then make a compilation CD for guests as favours? Hmmm that maybe very Australian but makes for a good night and great memories! Thanks for a great blog, I will be back!

  6. I like the sparkler idea :) I would say do something that is very unique to you two. A quilt or something like that. We actually had a square dance during our reception because as it turned out, the guy that ran our reception barn used to call the square dances that were held at our band camps for UC. Since Scot and I met in band at UC and remember band camp fondly, we incorporated that into our reception :) Everyone remembers what a good time that they had and if they were made to feel welcome.


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