Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I love you today.

Warning: the following story will probably make you sick. Because it's honestly that cute.

My co-worker's husband goes to work earlier than she does, and he sends her a text message very morning that says, "I love you today." This isn't even the cute part.

Today she woke up and he hadn't sent the message. She sent him a text teasing him that he forgot. A little bit later, he sent her a message telling her to look at the window.  And we saw this:

Oh, you can't see what that is? Look closer:

Still not sure? Try one more time:

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It's a sign stapled to a tree across the street from our office that says, "I LOVE YOU TODAY."

You already know that my darling fiancĂ© doesn't read my blog, so if you talk to him, mention that it would be cool if he did something like this. I'm happy to email your significant other to suggest it for you. 


  1. We must clone him! That is the absolute sweetest story :)

  2. So sweet! Maybe our men can be trained! LOL!

  3. I love that!!! My favorite part of it is that he thought of it on his own. (I have to give my husband hints to do anything cute!) LOL

  4. Aww! I get sweet notes in random places. Sometimes I turn the page in the middle of a notepad and find a note that he wrote months ago and just hid it away so I would find it. Such sweetness!

  5. Seriously -- does he have brothers? Where did she find such a man?


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